The Tutoring & Advising Program recognizes the current events involving the murder of George Floyd and the unrest and protests that have followed. In seeing this, we would like to publicly state that we support the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests that are being held internationally. As young people coming of age in this era, we recognize how important this movement is in terms of our future. Our team is outraged and disgusted by the inappropriate force used by police across the United States and the racial prejudice embedded in policing as a whole. 


Furthermore, we would like to announce our action plan going forward to combat systemic racism. We have added a page on our website dedicated to resources for the Black Lives Matter movement and education on how to be an ally to the movement located here.  



The TAP Team




About US

We are all high school seniors who live all over the United States. We understand that many schools are resorting to online learning currently due to COVID-19 and want to help students learn how to take these classes online and further their knowledge without a teacher in the classroom. We have tutors in all core subjects and have all taken classes at AP or IB levels. Our services during this time are FREE! We want to help you succeed!


How WE Can Help You

We offer services in English, Math, History, Sciences, and a few miscellaneous subjects. This service is available to help anyone in Middle to High School levels. Request a Tutor and we will match you up with the best! Just fill out our google form and we will contact you within 24 business hours.